Cal Pep on my Lap

Cal Pep

The cozy and narrow space occupied by Cal Pep in the Born district has about 20 bar stools — and hardly enough room to fit its reputation (let alone its devotees) inside. My husband and I had been to this ‘counter style tapas bar’ on a previous trip to Barcelona that we took in 2005, and to Casa Mono in NY which is rumored to have been inspired by Pep’s Barcelona restaurant, many many times.

It was a delicious and memorable experience that we still talked about years later, an evening filled with the most amazing fresh seafood and local Spanish wine.

This time returning to Barcelona with our 12 month old son, the main question plaguing us upon booking our flights was, “So….how are we going to eat at Cal Pep?”

With limited bar stool seating, there was only one answer — on my lap.

Jake looked on as our pulpo a la plancha danced on the grill, and his eyes widened as Pep himself bent over the counter before us in his monogrammed whites to personally fillet our grilled whole fish. The energy and cheerfulness of the chefs and diners alike were perceptible even to a 1 year old, as plate after plate of the trifàsic (combo of calamari, whitebait and prawns) was fired up. This time, a delicious and memorable lunch (go a few minutes before they open to avoid a line) with our little foodie-in-training.

Plaça de les olles, núm. 8
08003 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 93 310 79 61

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