How to Celebrate a Birthday in NYC

With flowers from Polux Fleuriste and oysters, of course!

If you’re even half the oyster fiend that I am, there’s only one place to go — Aquagrill, the blue and white seafood sanctuary on the corner of Spring Street. Aquagrill has the freshest and best selection, professional shuckers opening hundreds of these briny beauties in record time, and a bartender who makes you feel like every item you add to your order is the best idea she’s ever heard. We once saw Mayor Koch there on a visit. Another time we dreamed up a trip to Prince Edward Island for the sole purpose of seeking out our most favorite little bivalves in their native waters – which I’d still actually like to do one day.

Oyster Bar in Grand Central also gets a lot of praise, and though their arched ceilings are impressive, the oyster selection is varied, and the atmosphere is festive –- the rest of their food borders on inedible, service is abrupt and you must order wine by a number they’ve assigned to each glass on their menu. (#14 is out so I brought you #23. It’s similar.”)

My birthday batch included Malpeques, Raspberry Points, Shiny Seas, and a couple of Belons.

 How to Celebrate a Birthday in NYC

oysters at Aquagrill

 How to Celebrate a Birthday in NYC




210 Spring St, NYC
Phone: 212 274 0505

Polux Fleuriste
at All Good Things
102 Franklin Street, NYC
Phone: 347 767 6780


  • Oh my gosh…we’re totally on the same page. Birthdays and oysters go hand in hand! (All days go well with oysters though) I’m an oyster LOVER…just posted an entry on oyster a couple days ago. My boyfriend was in NYC a few months ago. I went and googled all the oyster bars there and sent him the addresses…but he didn’t end up having time to go. He was there for work. I remember Aquagrill and the Grand Central Oyster Bar being on my list, but I’ve never been to either. Next time I’m in NY I’ll know to go to Aquagrill! 🙂

  • 3onthego says:

    Absolutely – from one oyster lover to another, go to Aquagrill. Try Grand Central too, it’s a fun place to go — who says you cant have oysters 2 days in a row? 🙂

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