Eat: Find This Man (Nijo Fish Market, Sapporo)

white rice and salmon roe at the Nijo Market in Sapporo

Hidden within the crab-cluttered passageways of the Nijo Market — a miniature version of Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji — is this tiny 3-seat sushi spot. The fish is as fresh as ever and prices are half what you’ll pay for a Tsukiji sushi breakfast. Every type of tuna for me; white rice topped with salmon roe for Jake.

Little is known about this place. We turned the internet upside down and could not find a single word written about it anywhere. We didn’t catch its name, but we did snap this picture — so good luck, and let us know if you see him!

Getting there:
Nijo Fish Market
3 blocks south of the TV Tower at Odori Park
5 minute walk from Odori Station on the Nanboku, Toho and Tozai Subway Lines.
Address: South 3-jo East 1- to 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

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Njio Market

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