Places We’d Rather Be: Lido Burrone

Lido Burrone

Shaped like a (lopsided) butterfly and most famous for its bluefin tuna fisheries, Favignana is the largest of the Egadi Islands off the coast of mainland Sicily. The surrounding sea is blue and crystalline, and stunning beaches abound. One of our favorites, with plenty of shallow-end for the little ones, a mountainous backdrop and dug-into-the-sand gelato stands is Lido Burrone.

The island is mainly flat and bicycle-friendly, so you can pedal the jagged coastline from sandy Cala Azzurra to rocky Cala Rossa, burning off all those extra cassadedde calories (moon-shaped Sicilian pastries made with fresh ricotta, cinnamon and orange rind; also referred to as casatelles) along the way. Favignana is also a divers destination with its abundance of caves and underwater ruins.

In May, the island hosts the traditional mattanza – a bloody tuna massacre in which unsuspecting tuna attempting to migrate from the Atlantic ocean to the warmer Mediterranean are guided into the tonnara (a sophisticated trap system involving successive nets gradually reduced in size) and brutally slaughtered before they find their way onto your dinner plate.

 Places Wed Rather Be: Lido Burrone

Cala Rossa

Before you leave the island, don’t forget to scoop up some locally-made bottarga, cured bresaola or smoked tuna and swordfish to take home as edible souvenirs.

Getting there:
20 minute hydrofoil from Trapani
Stay at stylish Casa Favonio (Note: only children over age 12 are accepted)


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