Off The Grid: Chamico’s Lobster Shack

Chamico's, Soliman Bay

Chamico’s lobster shack has no sign, no menu, no crowds and no phone – and was easily our most memorable meal in Soliman Bay, 15 minutes outside of Tulum.

Somewhat of a local’s secret, this is a place you surely won’t find in any guidebooks. You might not find it at all, thanks to its hidden location at the dead-end of a bumpy unpaved road off the main highway.

The food is no-frills at this al fresco operation run on propane and batteries, just simple fresh fish prepared on an open fire. The setting is perfect — a few red plastic tables sit just 50 feet from the water, under a palm-fringed stretch of white sand.

 Off The Grid: Chamicos Lobster Shack

 Off The Grid: Chamicos Lobster Shack

Fabulous plates of fresh ceviche, fried whole fish, garlic shrimp tacos and lobster tails arrived one after another, as we found ourselves lost in our surroundings — playing with our son in the sand, taking turns swinging in the hammock and enjoying a few margaritas and ice-cold micheladas as the sun slowly dipped below the clouds, backed by a beautiful sea view.

It’s easy to lose track of time. We stayed until the navy blue sky made it tricky to find our way back to our hotel on the other end of the bay, guided only by the glow of my blackberry (refreshingly, the first time I used it all day.)

 Off The Grid: Chamicos Lobster Shack

Chamico’s lobster shack

Getting there:
Head north from Tulum on Hwy 307
Turn right onto the unpaved road across from Oscar & Lalo’s
Drive until the end


  • Nah Yaxche says:

    Mixed blessings. Chamico’s is great, and it would be nice to keep it a secret to ourselves. Alas. Thanks for great story.

  • 3onthego says:

    i won’t tell too many people:)

  • Nicolas says:

    Chamico’s was the set a of a lazy afternoon napping in hammock after a fantastic ceviche and fried fish lunch. Looking at the ocean, listening to always happy locals with their families and still not too many of us foreigners. Funny enough, some locals from Pueblo Tulum, tourists of years here or even the owner of my place at Posada Lamar never heard of it…a great find of yours! Thank you.

    • 3onthego says:

      Nicolas, I’m so happy you found Chamico’s!! Truly a locals secret. How did you like the rest of Tulum and Playa del Carmen?

      • Nicolas says:

        What a beautiful trip, stayed a Posada Lamar, cabana on beach and it was just right. So of course beach time, stumbled a turtle at night walking on beach…magical moment as she was burrying her eggs and then back to the ocean. Love the Maya cultural heritage with the ruins, went to Kaan Luum Laguna 10 min South Tulum on 307, Dos Josos cenote…great tasty foods of course! MamaMuu was good, Simple was a good fish place, was able to get in Hartwood, and in pueblo Tulum Carmello of course and few others like Los Aguachiles, or small El Vegetario right at city entrance on right side 307 or a tacos place right next to it. Few beach bars like Papaya Playa Project, Ziggys…in the end the set is a little bit always the same, it is just about the atmosphere. But it was not high season so was able to really appreciate everything.

        Playa well…was a different atmosphere obviously but had to see it. Reminds me of busy European resorts in Spain or South of France, but was able to avoid crowds in staying north of 30th street on beach without beach club. Great tacos/fajitas at El Fogon and also just out of tacos trucks. The best. An afternoon at Puerto Morelos is a great memory too…ceviche and a beer at Playita then walk on beach to this small beach bar Unico on swings looking a pristine water. Then excellent gourmet tacos at to finish the day.

        Overall a great stay…calm, quiet and tasty delicacies! What we expect from vacations and yes lost track of time in many occasions.
        Thanks always for your great recommendations.

  • 3onthego says:

    That’s amazing, Nicolas! So glad you had a great time. Can’t wait to get back there myself….

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