Last One in’s a Rotten Egg: Vulcano, Aeolian Islands

What’s that smell?

It’s the entire island of Vulcano, the Aeolian Island most famous for its clumpy, mineral-rich mud baths and healing hot springs.

Laghetto di Fanghi — the famed mud bath close to the dock — is a massive pit of greyish green clay that visitors use to cover themselves in head to toe before jumping into the adjacent hot spring-warmed sea to rinse off. Destroyer of jewelery (my silver necklace turned black the instant it hit the mud) and the source of a sulfurous stench that is nearly impossible to wash out of your bathing suit, the Laghetto di Fanghi experience is still exciting, unique (it’s not every day you get to bathe in a slightly radioactive pool of mud), and worth it —  plus it’s great for your skin.

Laghetto di Fanghi
Address: Porto Di Levante
Vulcano, Aeolian Islands (off the coast of Sicily)

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