Top 5 Sicilian Beaches

Sicily is home to some incredibly beautiful and dramatically diverse beaches, each with its own charm. From fine white powder to volcanic black sand, hidden rocky coves to shallow islets, here are 5 of the best spots to jump in on Italy’s largest, most southern island:

Isola Bella, Taormina
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A funicular runs from the top of Taormina all the way down to this idyllic little islet. Aptly named “beautiful island,” the beach itself is small and rocky and packed umbrella to umbrella with sunbathers in the summertime. Once a private residence, the tiny island is now a lovely nature reserve open to visitors who wade out along the partially-submerged pebbly pathway.


Black Beach, Stromboli
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Wild and unspoilt with black sparkling sand against Carribean blue waters, Stromboli’s north shore beaches are truly striking. With no cars, no street lights and a towering still-active volcano (which you can climb up with a guide), this place has an incredible energy all its own. Unsurprisingly, the sand gets hot hot hot — so set your beach towel close to the sea and stay cool with frequent dips.


Pollara Beach, Salina
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A quick hydrofoil ride from the mainland will get you to Salina — the greenest of the seven Aeolian Islands — in just under 90 minutes. Here you’ll find Pollara Beach, a glistening cove where scenes from the 1994 movie Il Postino were filmed. It’s about 200 steps down to the crystal clear water, past old stone houses built directly into the cliffs. Perfectly picturesque and great for an afternoon swim.


Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte
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Scala dei Turchi, a stunning white limestone cliff on the coast of Realmonte, is perhaps the most unique beach in all of Sicily. Locals gather at sunset to climb the bluffs which are sculpted like stairs and watch the light reflect off the Mediterranean. A worthy detour after taking in the temples at nearby Agrigento.


Cala Rossa, Favignana
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Shaped like a lop-sided butterfly the island of Favignana, best known for its tuna fisheries, is located off Sicily’s western coast.  A number of spectacular beaches are scattered around the perimeter including the rocky Cala Rossa. Here you can plunge off the rocks into the bluest of blue waters — or simply claim one to sunbathe on.



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