Locals ‘Tauk, We Listen: An Insider’s Guide to Long Island’s Favorite Beach Town

An insider’s guide to Montauk, featuring a collection of the best spots in town as told by the people who live, work and play there.

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Leyla Marchetto

Partner & Marketing Director, Navy Beach

Favorite Restaurant

Aside from Navy Beach?! It’s a tie between the Clam & Chowder House (now at Salivar’s) and Crow’s Nest – two VERY different menus and ambiances but I like to mix it up as much as possible. For a relaxed sushi lunch or dinner we love Clam & Chowder House, and when we want a nicer dinner out – as a couple or with friends or family in town we like to go over to Crow’s Nest for drinks and dinner. The setting is beautiful and the crowd is usually fun and their menu is a bit different from what you can get at other restaurants in town.

Favorite dessert spot

Another tie! Dave’s Grill for their signature Chocolate Bag and Buddhaberry for their self-serve frozen yogurt with a huge selection of toppings – everything from fresh fruit to M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces – my favorite guilty pleasures. This season I am making it a habit of taking our newborn son for a walk to town for some fro-yo at least once a week! It’s a great pit stop if you’re getting onto or off of the Jitney (its right across the street) and need a quick snack.

Best for Sunset

Navy Beach – hands down! I know I’m biased here, but the fact that you can get a drink from the bar, or a table in the dining room or on the beach (with your toes in the sand) and sip and eat while watching the sun set over Fort Pond Bay is pretty amazing. It’s great for families also because you can get an early reservation – at say 5:30 or 6, eat with the kids and then have some drinks while you watch the sun set. On Sundays from June 22 through Labor Day weekend we have reggae bands playing “Sunset Sets” on the beach starting at 5pm, which all our guests enjoy.

Why I love Montauk

As soon as we started looking for homes to rent out here before opening Navy Beach in 2010, both my husband Franklin and I fell in love with it. The quiet (more so in the off-season), the natural beauty, and the water — whether it is the sound of the ocean waves or the sunsets over Fort Pond Bay at the restaurant– are all so calming and nourishing. The fresh air and breeze was such a nice relief from the fast-paced grind and hot and humid summers we had spent in Manhattan. Since we bought a home here several years ago and now live here year-round, we feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Our house is surrounded by trees and we can see the ocean from our deck. I can watch the sunrise over the ocean in the morning and watch the sunset over the bay at Navy Beach in the evening! Of course it gets a little louder and crowded in the summer months but it is good for our business as well as others in town and we are happy to have that as well as the more low-key down time that we get to enjoy here from September through April.

MontaukYachtClub Room Locals Tauk, We Listen: An Insiders Guide to Long Islands Favorite Beach TownPam Assogna

Long-time, year-round local & Director of Sales at Montauk Yacht Club

Favorite Newcomer

Salivar’s because the new owners kept the name and the historic fishing/dock decor of the old restaurant and updated the cuisine to fresh and local including a sushi bar. It honors the tradition but modernizes it a bit.

Quintessential Breakfast Spot

John’s Pancake House because of their famous Frosty Top Waffles and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Chrissie A. has been there for years and is a favorite of locals and visitors.

Favorite Local Shop

Kelly B because they sell women’s trendy clothes and accessories at affordable (not Hampton) prices.

20140722 221311 79991628 Locals Tauk, We Listen: An Insiders Guide to Long Islands Favorite Beach TownMike Martinsen

Oyster Farmer & Co-Founder, Montauk Shellfish Company

Quintessential Breakfast

The West Lake Fish House

Favorite Place for Sunset

The Montauket

Favorite Restaurant

South Edison

Favorite Town Event

The Fall Festival

Why I Love Montauk

Because of the beauty of the landscapes, cliffscapes, sunsets, trails, waves, weather, and most importantly the community of people that call Montauk home.

Favorite Beach

The one that has the least amount of people, so I’m not telling.

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Joelle Klein

Designer and owner, *share with Montauk

Favorite Montauk Institution

The Shagwong, because it is one of the only places open in the winter, because it has served all types of Montauketts and because it is Montauk history.

Favorite Montauk Newcomer

Green lines. They’ve created a line of swimwear using recycled polyester and they give back to the ocean; we so appreciate that.

Favorite Local Shop

Becker’s Hardware Store, most definitely the place I shop the most in Montauk. They are so kind and so helpful.

Favorite Town Events

The Music Festival in May, the Columbus Day Clam Chowder Contest in October and the Farmers Market every Thursday in the summer

Favorite Restaurant

Rushmeyers because the chef does wonders with vegetables, and I am told everything else has some magic.

Favorite for Drinks

Crow’s Nest waiting for a table, lounging on the grass by the lake

Best for Live Music

Gig Shack on Main Street, because it is just nice to have lunch on the terrace. And Surf Lodge on Sunday — the mellow sunset party.

Featured in this article:

Clam & Chowder House
Address: 470 Westlake Dr, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631)668.6252

Crow’s Nest
Address: 4 Old West Lake Dr, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-2077

Dave’s Grill
Address: Flamingo Rd, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-9190

Address: 43 S Euclid Ave, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-8393

Navy Beach
Address: 16 Navy Rd, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-6868

Address: 470 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-2555

John’s Pancake House
Address: 721 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-2383

Kelly B
Address: 41 the Plaza Ste A, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 238-5659

The West Lake Fish House
Address: 352 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-3474

The Montauket
Address: 88 Firestone Rd, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631)668-5992

South Edison
Address: 17 S Edison St. Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 685-1465

Address: 774 Main Street, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-3050

Address: 732B Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY

Becker’s Hardware Store
Address: 775 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-2368

Address: 161 2nd House Rd, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-2877

668 The Gig Shack
Address: 782 Main St, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-2727

Surf Lodge
Address: 183 S Edgemere St, Montauk, NY // Phone: (631) 668-1562

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