5 Amazing Beaches Along the Golfo di Orosei

If ever there were truly no filter needed, it would be at any and all of the gorgeous beaches along the Golfo Di Orosei on Sardinia’s east coast.

This region — often overlooked by travelers headed straight for Alghero, Cagliari or the Costa Smerelda — boasts some of the island’s most wild, unspoiled, incredibly beautiful stretches of sand. Last summer we had the privilege of beach hopping here and now we can never dip a toe in the Atlantic again. These are our top 5.

Cala Mariolu

IMG 0434 5 Amazing Beaches Along the Golfo di Orosei

Spend the afternoon cliff diving at Cala Mariolu, where the aquamarine sea sparkles in the sun. It’s easy to find a shady spot to set up your umbrella behind the massive rock formations and also a good spot for snorkeling. A small snack bar serves ice cold drinks. This one is our absolute favorite.

Cala Luna

IMG 0435 5 Amazing Beaches Along the Golfo di OroseiCala Luna is a crescent of white sand and transparent water, backed by limestone cliffs. It’s shallow enough for kids to play and there’s a casual restaurant here that’s good for a simple lunch.

Cala Biriola

279 5 Amazing Beaches Along the Golfo di Orosei

Cala Biriola is another beauty, with small white pebbles and crystal clear water. Perfect for little swimmers, it’s shallow and calm. No facilities here though so make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks.

Cala Sisine

374 5 Amazing Beaches Along the Golfo di Orosei

With fine white stones, Cala Sisine is a small slice of paradise right between Cala Luna and Cala Biriola. This remote bay never gets too crowded, making it a great spot to spend a quiet, laid back afternoon.

Cala Goloritze

315 5 Amazing Beaches Along the Golfo di OroseiReachable only by 1.5 hour trek –much of it uphill — getting to Cala Goloritze is an experience in itself. Be sure to wear suitable shoes (that means no flip flops,) bring lots and lots of water and don’t be surprised to pass the occasional wild pig on your way there. Wait til the kids are a bit older for this one; not recommended for under 5s.


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