SeaGlass Carousel at the Battery

The long-awaited SeaGlass Carousel has finally opened in New York City’s Battery Park and it’s every bit as magical as we’d hoped it would be. The $16 million project was developed by the Battery Park Conservancy and created by set designer George Tsypin of Broadway’s The Little Mermaid — a man who clearly knows his fish.

The result is an “underwater” scene featuring 30 bioluminescent sea creatures built from fiberglass and steel. They whirl around the pavilion rising up and down, spinning in circles and changing colors to a classical soundtrack pumped through speakers mounted inside the pods. Each translucent fish is big enough to fit an adult plus a small child. Big kids 42″ and up — and adults of any height — are permitted to ride on their own. Two stationary fish even have enough room for wheelchairs.

Unlike any carousel you’ve seen before, the experience is well worth your three minutes and $5. Kids or no kids, go check it out. We won’t tell anyone.

The SeaGlass Carousel
Woodland Gardens
Battery Park, New York City
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every month except January and February

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